ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ is a revolutionary new Safe & Smart extension design with

The result? Confidence without compromise.

For most of us, our hair truly is our crowning glory. But up until now, if we longed for a bit more glory or longer locks, the only available options have been traditional tape-in, glue-in, microlink, bonded, weave-in or sew-in hair extensions. These options are applied and left in the hair for six weeks to three months. The potentially serious downfall of these options? Scientific research shows that leaving any extension in the same place for longer than approximately two weeks can create stress on the hair and scalp. It can even lead to traction alopecia (gradual hair loss caused by the pulling force of frequently wearing hair in a tight style).

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ was specifically created to solve to this dilemma. Our uncompromising vision for safe extensions that will not harm your hair or scalp has now been realized with the genius smart design of ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ – the safest option in the extension industry. This significant advancement is possible due to our patented design, which has taken over 4,000 hours of engineering to perfect.

Unlike tape-in, glue-in, sew-in, bonded or microlink versions, ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ are quick and easy to adjust as needed. Whether you have your stylist adjust them as part of a blowout or a standalone service, we recommend never leaving them in without releasing and adjusting them every two weeks, or as needed. This schedule keeps your extensions as close to the scalp as possible, which is best for healthy hair and scalp integrity.

Unlike traditional extensions, if ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ are pulled too hard, they won’t cause damage to your hair or scalp, they will simply slide gently down the hair. If this happens, simply open the ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™ mechanism, re-position and lock back into place.  This is the genius of ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™.

ZIP LOXX HAIR EXTENSIONS™’s durable design also means they can be reused over and over again.

Welcome to the future of hair extensions where you can zip in volume, zip in length or zip in color without fear of ruining your natural hair! #hairgoals anyone?